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The Company’s Party Committee Organized Party Members to Learn and Watch the Promotional Video of Ma

In order to actively respond to the call of the central and provincial party committees to learn from Mao Fengmei, on October 12, 2016, the Company’s Party Committee organized party members to study and watch the Fengbei, a feature film telling the advanced deeds of Mao Fengmei, the former party branch secretary of Dalishu Village, Fengcheng, Dandong City. The party members who watched the film understood the development process of Dalishu Village, were deeply moved by Mao Fengmei’s political character of firm belief and loyalty to the Party, the spirits of keeping in mind the purpose and caring for the people, and the noble sentiments of indifferent to fame and fortune, honesty and integrity, and were impressed by Mao Fengmei’s down-to-earth attitude of daring to take responsibility and overcome difficulties. The party members of the Company all stated that they would learn from Mao Fengmei, further invigorate their spirits, concentrate their efforts, devote themselves to the work with higher enthusiasm and good mental outlook, love their jobs and work hard, and make more contributions to the great and rapid development of the Company.

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The picture shows the Company’s party members watching the feature film Fengbei which introduces the advanced deeds of Comrade Mao Fengmei


The picture shows the Company’s party members learning from the advanced deeds of Comrade Mao Fengmei

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