Architecture is the soul of a city and the musical note of a city, and the landmark building is the symbol of a city. The brand-new Oriental Times Plaza (Ginza Store) is specially designed by international architects, and interprets the current urban life from a new perspective as inspired by Kandinsky’s abstractionism. The embedding of pure humanity and art and the penetration of life philosophy will surely make it an influential artistic commercial complex.

Supported by international designer team      

Building premium commercial complex

Oriental Times Plaza (Ginza Store) is located in the prosperous core business district of Anshan City. It provides Anshan citizens with a hyper commercial center with open and brand-new shopping experience space integrating hotel, shopping,catering,leisure,entertainment and experiance.

Oriental Times Plaza (Ginza Store) is newly built based on the original Ginza Department Store. The design is inspired by the new logic and new language in the fourth dimension of “point, line, surface” in the abstract artwork of Wassily Kandinsky, a famous Russian modern artist. This element is extended to create the illusion of subverting reality and unreality, time and movement, and combines with modern experience shopping mall architecture to illuminate life, highlight space, gather popularity, and overlook beautiful scenery.


2KM supporting facilities to increase commercial value

Oriental Times Plaza (Ginza Store)

It is located in the central business district of Anshan City, there are many high-quality customers gathered within 2KM, such as enterprises and public institutions, office buildings, schools, hospitals, financial services, mid-to-high-end residential buildings, etc. It can attract 150,000 customers per day, and is the first choice for shopping and leisure of nearly 80% of consumers in Anshan.