Group Intro


       Anshan Tianxing Industrial Development (Group) Co., Ltd. is a commercial real estate enterprise registered in 1999 responding to the investment invitation by the People's Government of Liaoning Province. 

       Tianxing Group always takes sharing value as its concept, after the successful cooperation with China Parkson Business Group on the Co-management of Anshan Parkson Shopping Mall, Tianxing Group actively cooperate with multi International Business Group, importing advanced management experience and company culture, forming strategic partners with French Accor International Hotel Group,, Malaysia Golden Lion Group-China Parkson Group and other multinational companies to joint venture cooperation on project expansion, achieving mutual benefits! 

        Currently, Tianxing Group has two shopping centers, two hotels and community commercial projects under construction with a total construction area of 460,000 square meters. With its core geographical location, professional and standardized property management, deep local influence and economic strength, Tianxing Group has engaged in Anshan’s commercial investment and operation for many years. Setting Anshan as its main operation center, Tianxing group strive to build a professional management company specialize in commercial asset investment and operation.

Group vision: Innovative management, advancing with the times, mutual benefit and win-win result

Group spirit (philosophy):

1. Honesty, pragmatism, innovation and pioneering.

2. Collaboration, efficiency, and consistent goals

3. The action has results and the team has gains

Group mission:

Win market with integrity, win customers with pragmatism, win cooperation with pioneering, and win development with innovation

Group development goals:

Five satisfactions: satisfy customers, satisfy governments, satisfy shareholders, satisfy merchants, and satisfy employees

Group values:

1.People oriented

Respect employees, recognize their contributions and give rewards;

Provide training, promotion and development space for employees;

Be willing to listen to the opinions of employees and grow together with them.

2.System first

Enterprise development is based on a systematic and complete management system;

“If you don’t know how to do, refer to the system; if the system is incomplete, improve the system."

3.Innovative management

Creative thinking, practical spirit and innovation are the most valuable assets of an enterprise.

4.Pursue excellence

Give full play to our advantages, capabilities and resources;

Aim for the highest, and create a better future together with the spirit of pursuing excellence.

5.Dedication to work

Take your job seriously and spare no effort to fulfill your job responsibilities;

At any time, respect your job responsibilities and be diligent in your job.

6.Forge ahead with determination

Be resolute and go forward courageously;

Actively explore and strive to create work performance.