Oriental Times Plaza (Silverlight Store) was invested by Tianxing Group and was rebuilt on the site of the original Anshan People's Shopping Mall. It incorporates the trend factors of today's shopping malls, upgrades the internal hardware facilities, and realizes reasonable planning and superior shopping environment. The project covers an area of 10,400 square meters with a building area of 50,000 square meters, and is a 6-floor one-stop modern shopping mall.

The original Anshan People’s Shopping Mall was built in the early 1950s and is the earliest and largest shopping mall in Anshan. After years of development, it has formed strong commercial atmosphere and good commercial foundation, is surrounded by numerous commercial streets and shops, and complete supporting facilities, so it is an extremely well-recognized core business district in Anshan.

The arrival of Oriental Times Plaza (Silverlight Store) heralds the revival of the old business district, which will surely bloom its glory like the nirvana of phoenix.